In Norse mythology, Hugin and Munin (Old Norse: thought and memory) are a pair of ravens flying all around the world and gathering information for Odin, the most important of all gods. 

Hugin symbolises the future, planning and thought, whereas Munin is a symbol of the past, memory and knowledge. Hugin always looks ahead, Munin always looks back. 

Mission Statement

To help you do business in Poland & Scandinavia.

By engaging in versatile business relations with our clients, we help them optimise the business for expansion in the countries of our expertise, be it sales & marketing on the frontline or backend tweaking in the production. We partner up with our clients to help them grow.

Our Vision

European Scope, Scandinavian-Polish Focus

Based in Poland and building our foundation on profound knowledge about the Nordics and general business expertise, we want to be the first point of contact for any organization willing to start or already doing business in Poland or Scandinavia. 

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