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We will be updating this page as the coronavirus pandemic develops

Many companies, both localy and internationaly have been affected by the measures enforced by many governments across the world to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Since the public health is of utmost importance to all of us, we shall all adhere to the new regulations and preventive measures enforced by the authorities. However, we shall also strive to minimise the financial and social costs of the lockdown. As long as the situation allows it, we want to help foreign companies doing business in Poland to secure their interests by all means possible. 

How we can help

Within the current legal situation, we can help you with the following issues:


  • acting as your extended arm in Poland by attending the matters you are not able to attend in person

  • investigating your vendors and business partners situation and helping to mitigate the problems

  • advising on the current situation

  • interim management and other operational activities for your local business in Poland

  • our standard services are still rendered to a limited extent. See our standard services here. 


If you need any other assistance in Poland, feel free to contact us and we will advise free of charge on the possibilities. 

Please note that we speak English, Polish, Danish and other Scandinavian languages. On top of our own resources, we have the possibility to put you in touch with Scandinavian expats rendering consulting services in Poland. 

Current legal situation

in Poland in brief

  • All foreign nationals are banned from entering the country. All international and domestic flights have been suspended.

  • Polish citizens entering the country are subject to obligatory 14-days quarantine at home.

  • Limit for people gathering in the public:
    2 persons

  • Limit for people gathering indoors (at work): 5 persons

  • Travelling within the country is still allowed for life crucial activities, eg. grocery shopping, work commuting, and important business activities

  • People are generally advised to stay home

  • Poland stays open for business, especially for the industry, although shopping malls, pubs, restaurants, cinemas and other public venues are closed. Some manufacturing companies decided to close on their own.

  • Transport of goods across the land borders is still permitted and lorry drivers are not being quarantined.  

You can contact us for help at or by booking time using the button below. In urgent cases you can call us at: +48 728 659 000 

Book a free phone/online consultation to learn more about the current Covid-19 situatuon for businnesses in Poland and see if we can help you out.
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