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Have you considered starting a company in Poland?

You don't need many employees and a considerable budget to establish a subsidiary in Poland. Our bespoke offer always meets your strategic needs. Helping Scandinavian companies with a quick start in Poland is in our blood.

3 steps to a successful start


You get in touch with us and based on your business specifics and strategy we prepare a budget estimate of your future Polish company so you can base your decissions on it. It's always free of charge as we want to give you the opportunity to verify if your business can benefit from expanding to Poland.

Upon start we always prepare a free budget estimate for you, so you can see how much a company in Poland would cost you. The budget will help you make a decision, but we will also follow it tightly while executing the plan. And our project track record shows that we can keep it below the budget.   


Your Polish subsidiary in one week

When you decide to start up in Poland, we can register your new Polish Sp. z o.o. (LLC) in just one week for a fixed price, which, in addition to registration of the company, includes training in operation as well as free consulting assistance for a month, so you are well prepared to get cracking in Poland!

Here's what's included in the price:

Registration address in Poland and mail handling in relation to communication with the Polish authorities.

Fully registered and operating Polish limited liability company from day 1.

A contract with Polish accounting company and access to their online system where you can issue invoices for your new company and upload cost documents. 

Bank account in a Polish bank.

Legal assistance - 5 hours available in the first month.

Dealing with Polish bureaucracy (authorities, tax, social security, technical supervision, occupational safety, etc.)

HR help, payroll and advice on the labor law.

Guidance on what it takes to run a business in Poland, so you can continue on your own without risking fines. No theory. We do everything with you during the first month so that you can learn everything in practice. Everything in English or Danish!

24/7 emergency support and advice. We are available to answer all your possible questions related to business operations in Poland.

You can also purchase extra services that can help you get started:

Recruiting your first employees

Lease search/Investment in own premises

Supplier search


Long term

All that you got in step 2 and much more. Depending on your needs. No binding agreements, no strings attached. Step 2 is our trial. 

Basically, you are ready to continue on your own after step 2, but we know that some projects take longer. Here we come to the rescue of our customers with fixed consultancy help, where they save a lot on travel time and personnel costs.

Our goal is to be a one-stop shop for our Scandinavian customers in Poland. Some of our customers have chosen to continue 100% with us with their successful start-ups in Poland so that their Polish subsidiaries consist only of their core employees, tools and premises directly related to their activity. At the same time, we take care of the rest.

We act as your first Polish employee to help with all the practical things needed to get your subsidiary running.

Book a free online consultation to find out if your company can benefit from expanding to Poland

A free consulting service up to 15 minutes where you can ask any questions related to doing or establishing business in Poland. One of our consultants will try to help you to the best of their abilities. No strings attached. If you'd like to engage in discussion about your business, we can hold a longer meeting and prepare a free estimate for you.

Sample questions you might want to ask:

  • What is the best business to start in Poland? 

  • Will my company benefit from establishing its presence in Poland? How?

  • What is the best location for establishing a company in my industry

  • Is there a chance that my product will sell in Poland?

  • What are the usual costs of running my kind of business in Poland

  • Will I be able to recruit a skilled workforce for my company?

  • What should I prepare before starting a company in Poland?

  • What should I know about doing business in Poland?

  • How much will I need to attend to the company in Poland in person?

  • Will my business name click in Poland? (Beware, as some foreign names might mean something else in Polish)

  • Company incorporation process, business forms, share capital needed, bank accounts, VAT number, income tax and all the legal stuff. 

  • Startup acceleration possibilities, investors, grants, networking between companies, cultural specifics of the country. 

This free consulting is led by:


Przemysław Piela

General Manager

Business Development Advisor


Christian Bavnbek
District Manager - Northern Poland
Business Developm
ent Advisor

LEAN Advisor

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Quick bio:

+10 years experience in management, sales & marketing in Poland & Denmark, including CEO/country manager and management board positions for Danish companies in Poland and business development positions for Danish companies in Denmark.

MA in Scandinavian Studies, post-grad in Management and Organisation, speaks fluent Danish & English + native Polish and communicates in Norwegian & Swedish. 

Professional Interests: Entrepreneurship, start-ups, business development, sales & marketing, content & account-based marketing, design thinking, project management: TOC, Lean, AgilePM, Prince2, R&D, manufacturing, digital transformation.

Personal Interests: Scandinavia, politics, photography, history, philosophy, sports/triathlon

The free consultation can be done in following languages:




Quick bio:

+10 years in a Danish manufacturing company as Managing Director in Poland. Was in charge of implementing the strategy of a parent company based in Denmark; managed a team of 190 employees; developed an employee appraisal scheme; prepared budgets and production schedules in accordance with the company’s strategy and forecasts; implemented a multi-year cost reduction scheme.

Business Coach, PCC ICF (PL) - Management Personal

Development, Management Leading Others (Denmark) - internal workshop for management, International Management Education Copenhagen (Denmark), MBA Organization and Management, Lean Management - effective value chain development, LeanQTeam, Lean Management – internal workshop.

Excellence road map to improve results - Mechanics and Production – Engineering Education, Bachelor.

Professional Interests: Entrepreneurship, start-ups, business development, Lean, project management, operational management.

Distinguishing qualities: 

many years of experience in business management

and running business development projects as part of a long-term company strategy; workflow and production process organization and optimization skills, multilingualism: Danish, German, Polish; pragmatic and goal-oriented

operating methods; problem-solving skills, very good knowledge of Polish and Scandinavian markets.

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