Tired of Getting Sold What You Don't Wanna Buy?

5 Tips for Salesmen and Buyers to Benefit from the Relationship

Salespeople: Face the facts.

Prospects no longer find your company on yellow pages, so why do you behave as if they did and want to make them aware of your existence? They have had Google since 1996, so if they wanted to buy, they would have had found you already.

Cold calling, a sales pitch and closing are old sales mantra that worked in the 1970's and maybe ten years ago - to some extent. When buyers can find all information about you beforehand, why bother them with self-focused information.

Yawn! The truism is, no one is interested in hearing about yourself, but they want to understand how they can be better off with your help, even if they don’t seem to be excited at first.

Marketing: Social media advertising doesn’t work either!

Showing off with your fancy office, cutting-edge production lines or centuries of expertise is just as self-focused and dull, as the sales reps’ presentation of the product. It’s ok from time to time, but don’t overdo it.

If you’re into content marketing and customer-focused message, you’re on the right track. But spending money on something that doesn’t attract attention is a waste of resources. Valuable and meaningful content speaks for itself and doesn’t need advertising.

Buyers: You have the upper hand. You know that. Yet you also have problems to solve and potentially a lesson to be learnt.

The temptation to reject yet another sales call and presentation meeting may be intense on a hectic day. Especially when it’s the tenth cold call you pick up that day. It’s a waste of time for you. And my advice to you is pretty straightforward: Keep ignoring them!

But beware of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Stay alert for signs of sales reps who are interested in what you do and who have done their homework. They might be able to make the difference to your business.

Modern sales guides encourage reps to ask questions, and you can do the same to figure out if the interaction is worth your effort.