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Company Formation in Poland 

If you considered doing business in Poland, either by registering a Polish daughter company or starting a brand new entity, then we can assist you along the way or do everything for you, so you can focus on the core of your business.

If you are
  • an established enterprise outside of Poland, that wants to set up a daughter company in the country

  • an individual willing to start a new business in Poland

  • a startup willing to choose Poland for its HQ and seek funding here

Then we can
  • help you prepare a business plan, research the market and analyse the costs of running your type of business in Poland before you start to invest the money

  • register a legal entity in Poland on your behalf; usually, it would be a public limited liability company or similar

  • do all the dull registration work, open up a bank account, take care of bookkeeping, and rent an office or other real estates for you

  • hire your first employees

  • help you manage the business until you train or hire your own management

  • assist you on a regular basis with anything related to your business. Choose freely from our other services such as business development, sourcing and general consulting

You gain
  • knowledge - know what to do from the beginning. 

  • short start-up time; we can set up a completely new business entity within days and spare you the bureauocracy

  • all the perks and benefits from acting as a local entrepreneur; no surprises when dealing with Polish administration

  • local business know-how and a network of vendors and potential customers

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