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Looking for a new supplier for your products or services? Poland has been considered a major production outsourcing hub in Europe and despite its tremendous growth, it is still a competitive market in terms of both pricing and quality. 

Be it IT or financial services, manufacturing or construction services - we can get you in touch with the right vendor and handle the negotiation work, so you always get the best prices.


We have successfully helped companies from various industries such as medical, automotive, construction, steel, advertising, HR & IT. Our service encompassed procuring products and services within:


  • injection moulding

  • tooling & machining

  • heavy steel construction & welding

  • signage, POS & advertising

  • OEM products

  • prototyping


  • recruiting

  • IT outsourcing

  • mechanical & structural engineering

  • mobile app development

  • R&D engineering

  • finance & accounting 

  • transport & logistics

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