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Picture showing card terminal with a debit card and text Invest in Poland

The Company Calculator

Find out how much does it cost to run a company in Poland

We have prepared an online calculator that can help you make up your mind. Would establishing a company in Poland be beneficial for you?

The calculator considers all the overhead costs connected with having a business in Poland, such as average rent prices, minimum wages, electricity costs, taxes and accounting costs. However, remember that the calculations below are indicative only, and the actual costs may differ from what you can see here.


But in most cases, it should give you a general impression of your potential costs and profits. Enjoy!

A free consulting service up to 15 minutes where you can ask any questions related to doing or establishing business in Poland. One of our consultants will try to help you to the best of their abilities. No strings attached. 

Sample questions you might want to ask:

  • What is the best business to start in Poland? 

  • Will my company benefit from establishing its presence in Poland? How?

  • What is the best location for establishing a company in my industry

  • Is there a chance that my product will sell in Poland?

  • What are the usual costs of running my kind of business in Poland

  • Will I be able to recruit a skilled workforce for my company?

  • What should I prepare before starting a company in Poland?

  • What should I know about doing business in Poland?

  • How much will I need to attend to the company in Poland in person?

  • Will my business name click in Poland? (Beware, as some foreign names might mean something else in Polish)

  • Company incorporation process, business forms, share capital needed, bank accounts, VAT number, income tax and all the legal stuff. 

  • Startup acceleration possibilities, investors, grants, networking between companies, cultural specifics of the country. 

This free consulting is led by:

Przemyslaw Piela

Przemysław Piela

General Manager

Business Development Advisor

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Quick bio:

+10 years experience in management, sales & marketing in Poland & Denmark, including CEO/country manager and management board positions for Danish companies in Poland and business development positions for Danish companies in Denmark.

MA in Scandinavian Studies, post-grad in Management and Organisation, speaks fluent Danish & English + native Polish and communicates in Norwegian & Swedish. 

Professional Interests: Entrepreneurship, start-ups, business development, sales & marketing, content & account-based marketing, design thinking, project management: TOC, Lean, AgilePM, Prince2, R&D, manufacturing, digital transformation.

Personal Interests: Scandinavia, politics, photography, history, philosophy, sports/triathlon

The free consultation can be done in following languages:




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