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Why Engage a Local Business Consultant for Company Entry into the Polish Market?

Starting a company in a new market always brings new business opportunities and challenges. Reaching new customers can increase revenues and boost product or service popularity. Unfortunately, such action also carries some risk. Therefore, the entire process of entering a new market should be carried out professionally and in a planned manner, and the answer to any doubts is to use business consulting services. 

In the context of expanding the company's operations in a new market, Poland is an attractive country: rapid development and relatively low competition in some industries work to the advantage of the potential investor. Unfortunately, there are also challenges waiting for start-ups in the Polish market. Below, we explain how to balance your business expansion plan, considering the potential benefits and threats, as well as why business consulting services are the answer to doubts when starting on the Polish market.

Development Perspectives for New Companies in the Polish Market

Undoubtedly, the Polish business landscape provides vast growth potential for foreign investors. Positioned strategically within Europe, it is an ideal gateway for businesses aiming to extend their reach across the European Union. Furthermore, Poland grants effortless entry to the broader EU market. As an EU member state, Poland also benefits from access to EU funding and other resources that drive its economic progress.

Lastly, compared to other European nations, Poland offers a competitive advantage with its relatively lower workforce maintenance costs and a commendable standard of education and qualifications. In recent years, Poland has emphasised technological development, especially in IT. Therefore, the technological base is becoming richer, which makes it easier for many companies from modern industries to start and develop in this market.

Polish Market Entry: Challenges & Regulations

Although starting a business in the Polish market offers a wide range of opportunities, this process is also associated with specific regulations and challenges worth remembering when planning strategies and business activities in a new country. 

Initially, it is essential to consider business regulations. Polish legislation is notably intricate, thus necessitating a thorough understanding of labour, economic, tax, and municipal business laws, as well as the reliefs available for startups (consolidation relief, expansion relief, research and development relief, IP box relief).

While foreign investment is generally well-received in Poland, it involves certain procedures, including company registration, acquiring essential permits, and adherence to specific legal requirements. Neglecting these steps could lead to legal and financial repercussions, hindering further growth in the Polish market. Hence, understanding procedures, laws, and opportunities is vital for the dynamic expansion and profitability of your business in Poland.

Local Business Consultant: An Answer to Your Needs

Taking into account the challenges and opportunities that await companies developing in the Polish market, it is worth using the services of a local business consultant who will dispel all doubts in this area and guide you through the entire process step by step. The consultant will explain legal intricacies, advise on preparing necessary documents, guide you in choosing the appropriate development path or business tools, and provide you with contacts to establish cooperation or further networking.

With the help of your business consultant in Poland, you will not have to worry about the language barrier or required document templates. However, such a service is much more than just formal or legal assistance: it also provides invaluable support related to knowledge of the nuances of Polish business culture, language and local development opportunities. Hugin Consulting offers complex assistance and comprehensive services in the aforementioned aspects. We know the Polish market and Scandinavian business culture perfectly, which helps us select appropriate solutions and provide our clients with an optimised approach.

It is evident that while Poland offers vast growth potential, navigating its diverse business regulations and cultural nuances can be daunting. Engaging a local business consultant is essential for overcoming these obstacles and ensuring a smooth entry into the market. With such expertise, you will gain invaluable insights, assistance with legal complexities, and access to a network of contacts, ultimately setting your business up for success in Poland. Trust professionals such as Hugin Consulting: with us, you will implement your plan to enter the Polish market faster than expected!

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